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January 07, 2021

Will Global Mobile Phone Sales Recovery Unlikely in 2021? 5G Handsets Should Be The Key
The overall 2020 was estimated to witness a single-digit decline in global mobile phone sales. However, the sales are forecast to return to growth in 2021. Read more...

December 21, 2020

Will Apple Get Rid of Charger Cable in the iPhone Boxes
After removing the plug charger from iPhone 12, Apple might be mulling over excluding the charger cable from future iPhone boxes. Click the post to know more. Read more...

November 05, 2020

Apple iPhone 12 Uses Qualcomm 5G Modem: What Is Cellular Modem
A recent teardown of Apple’s 5G iPhone 12 lineup revealed Qualcomm’s X55 5G modem inside. To learn more about the cellular modem chip, check the post here. Read more...

October 30, 2020

From What It Is to How It Differs from SIM: All About eSIM
eSIM has been brought into spotlight around for a while. What is it? How does it differ from regular SIM card? Take it easy and click to learn more about it. Read more...

October 16, 2020

iPhone 12 Launched with 5G: Here’s Models Overview & Buying Guide
Apple just unveiled 5G-enabled iPhone 12 with a slate of four new models. And here’s what you need to know about the models from overview to buying guide. Read more...

September 22, 2020

Wired VS Bluetooth: What Makes You Stick with Wired Earphones
Bluetooth earphones are the irreversible trend. But wired earphones are still the primary option for many people. To know why, just check the post here. Read more...

September 14, 2020

Mobile OS Review: Top 5 Mobile Operating Systems Comparison
Without proper mobile OS, mobile phone is incomplete. So before buying a new phone, click here to get a knowledge of top 5 mobile operating systems comparison. Read more...

August 28, 2020

Asus ROG Phone 3: Born for Optimal Mobile Gaming Experience
Recently, Asus released its new version of gaming phone named ROG Phone 3. Curious about this fabulous feat? Just click the post to know more about it. Read more...

August 21, 2020

Can You Use a New 30W USB C Power Adapter for All Apple Devices and Why?
Recently, Apple just introduced a new version of its 30W USB C power adapter. Check the post to know about whether this power adapter is worth buying. Read more...

August 14, 2020

Why Did Mac & Other Laptops Kill USB Port and Adopt Type-C
In recent years, Apple Macs and plenty of other laptops have ditched standard USB port and moved to USB-C. Click to figure out why they made such a transition. Read more...

August 07, 2020

Why Does Apple Move to ARM and Will it Still Support Intel Macs?
Apple has announced it’ll shift CPU from Intel to ARM on its future Macs. To find what ARM is and why Apple makes such a transition, just click the post. Read more...

August 08, 2020

Why Qualcomm Quick Charge 5 So Special and What Devices Use it?
The launch of its Quick Charge 5 (referred to as QC 5.0) charging solution that offers support for 100W of power and above bringing a new concept to quick charge technology. Read more...

July 17, 2020

Liquid Silicone: Why Does Apple Use It for iPhone Case
Apple has been using liquid silicone as the material for official iPhone case. Click here to get the hang of this material and why it’s used for iPhone case. Read more...

June 18, 2020

The Characteristic of HDMI Active Optical (AOC) Cables
Read this article to enrich your knowledge about the difference between traditional HDMI copper-core cables and HDMI Active Optical (AOC) Cables and make a better choice for it. Read more...

March 13, 2020

Dual Active VS Dual Standby, What Should You Know?
The majority of Android phones support dual standby and even iPhone with the IOS system has launched several models that allow dual standby mode. Let’s find out more about dual standby today. Read more...

March 09, 2020

Huawei HMS VS Google Core GMS: The Climax of China’s Android
Huawei started to open the global market through HMS, Huawei’s HMS service is pushed out to replace Google’s GMS service. Let’s find out if it can succeed today. Read more...

March 04, 2020

How Much Does Your Used iPhone Worth
Used iPhones, like the iPhone 7 or 8, almost always cost more than the same generation of Android phones. Why this three-year-old phone can still worth that much? Read more...

February 21, 2020

Here is Why Apple A13 Bionic Chipset Wins
Apple A13 bionic chipset was acclaimed to be the fastest chipset.Here will compare Apple A13 with Huawei Kinrin 990 5G as well as Snapdragon 855 Plus to see their difference first and find out the improvement between Apple A13 and A12 . Read more...

October 23, 2019

Smartphone Display LCD VS OLED: Where Does the Difference Lie in?
We often hear about various phone screens such as notch screen and full screen, but there are always two types of the screens: LCD and OLED. So how to choose when you are going to buy a new phone? Read more...

October 21, 2019

All About The Development and The Purposes of HDMI Port
With the popularity of smart TV boxes, more and more people become familiar to HDMI, which is widely used in smart TVs, set-top boxes and projectors. But do you know what does HDMI stand for? Read more...

October 16, 2019

What is the Difference between 720p VS 1080p on a Phone and Does Higher PPI Mean Better Quality?
Many phones have come out recently and most people will check the parameters before buying. Have you ever be confused by “resolution”? What does it mean? Is the higher resolution the better? Read more...

September 17, 2019

Put the Phone Away! Your Smartphone is Ruining Your Sleep
You have followed the sleep recipes in your diet and work out a lot, why do you still have to wait for a long time to be sleepy? Have you ever thought about the mobile phone and tablet are to blame? Read more...

September 09, 2019

Why is Your Phone Overheating So Quickly and How to Cool Down Fast
It is a headache for many Android users their the phone is prone is prone to be overheated. In fact, it can pose great threat to phone. So it is necessary to find out the reason take some measures. Read more...

August 28, 2019

GSM VS CDMA Phone Networks: What's the Difference and Which One is Better?
If you want to buy a new phone and choose a carrier, or you are just interested in the mobile network, you may have heard of GSM and CDMA. But what are they on earth and how will they affect your life? Read more...

August 26, 2019

What is SIM Card and Everything You Should Know Abou It
We all know that a smartphone can not bring out its potential without SIM card but few have comprehensive knowledge about it. This article is about what it is and different ways of installing. Read more...

August 23, 2019

Antutu & DxOMark: Does Phone Benchmark Ranking Really Matter
When we want to test our phone’s performance, some Android benchmark apps will spring into our mind first and Antutu is one of them. But does the Antutu scores really represent the performance? Read more...

August 19, 2019

What Do You Think About the Technological War of MediaTek and Qualcomm Snapdragon, and Where will MTK the future be?
Mention MTK, and we may think of its flagship processor of HelioX20, P10 and X10. It once owned a glorious era indeed but now it is gradually fading out. Why is that? Where does its future lie in? Read more...

August 16, 2019

4GB, 6GB or 8GB: How Much RAM Do I Need
Recent years have seen the development of Android phones. But you may also have found that the demand of its system for RAM has no end. How much RAM on earth do I need? Is it necessary to choose 8GB? Read more...

August 12, 2019

What is 5G? And How About 5G Mate 20X VS 4G P30 Pro
The spurt of progress gives birth to the trend of 5G. But do you know what does 5G mean and the difference between 4G and 5G? Today we will provide all you should know about this new-born technology. Read more...

August 09, 2019

What is NFC and How to Use NFC on Your Phone
Have you ever notice that there is signal of NFC on your smartphone? Do you know it plays an important role in our daily life? So today we will give you a wider picture of this strong function. Read more...

August 05, 2019

What Cause Smartphone Fingerprint Scanner Not Available and How to Fix it?
Nowadays, you can hardly see a smartphone without a fingerprint sensor, which has many forms. But many of us also suffer from its malfunction. Why is that? How to fix it? Here are the solutions. Read more...

July 31, 2019

What is CPU Core and is an Octa-Core Better than a Quad-Core
We may notice that our phone’s CPU is developing towards multicore. But you might wonder why is that and what is the difference among varies cores. Here we will provide you with a wider picture of CPU. Read more...

July 26, 2019

Why the Operation Will Slow Down and How to Speed Up Phone ?
We are always impressed by the smooth operation of a new smartphone . As time goes by, however, it will become slower. So this article will tell you the reasons behind that and give you the solution. Read more...

July 19, 2019

Why System Storage Takes Up More Space as Mobile Phone Capacity Become larger?
Who is the culprit of the ever-increasingly larger system storage as the mobile phone capacity become bigger? Why is that? Don’t worry, this article will provide you with the answer and solutions. Read more...

July 15, 2019

How Does Non-Removable Batteries Come into Being?
Non-removable batteries were virtually unheard of in the past. Nowadays, however, we are no stranger to them since Apple has launched its very first iPhone. So why does this innovation exists? Read more...

July 01, 2019

The History of Smartphones What You Do Not Know: 1902-2019
In 1902, American Nathan Stubbfield made the first wireless telephone device, which opened up a journey of human exploration of mobile phone technology. From then until now, what impact has it brought to people's lives? Read more...

June 28, 2019

MediaTek Helio P65: 12nm Process and Introduced in July
On June 25th, the day before the official opening of MWC19 Shanghai, MediaTek released its new smartphone processor Helio P65. From the naming point of view, this is a mid-range processor. Read more...

June 20, 2019

Risks You Should Know When Wearing Headsets
It seems to be fashionable to wear earbuds or headphones and it is easy to see young people wearing them in the bus or subway. However, they may not know that there are risks lurking in their earphones. Read more...

May 22, 2019

What is the Difference Between A Phone Restart and A Shutdown?
After a long time of use, it is inevitable that the mobile phone will be stuck. Many people will naturally turn on the mobile phone to restart or turn it off and then turn it on again, so that the smartphone can cache it by itself. Read more...

May 17, 2019

Why We Look More Strange In Selfies Than Reflected In The Mirror
If you've ever asked yourself, "Why does my face look crooked in pictures?" And at some point in our lives, we have wondered why on the earth do we look different in the mirror than in photos. What is this sorcery, right? Read more...

May 15, 2019

Does The Phone Charging Speed Depend on The USB Socket or Data Cable?
We all know that the charging speed of phones is inextricably linked to the charger. The charger consists of a USB socket and a data line. Does the charging speed of the smartphone depend on the USB socket or the data cable? Read more...

May 07, 2019

These Faults Often Occur on Our Phones, How Can They be Solved Quickly?
In the process of using the mobile phone, it is inevitable that various situations will occur, such as the phone has no reason to be stuck, the screen is malfunctioning, etc. At this time, you need to know some methods to solve them. Read more...

April 30, 2019

5G Standard: MediaTek M70 Takes the Lead in Supporting HPUE Technology
From MWC2019, we have seen that Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 and Huawei Barong 5000 MediaTek Helio M70 have measured downlink data of 5G products. Among them Read more...

April 23, 2019

Suspected Screen Breaks, Samsung Postponed the Folding Phone Conference
On April 23, Samsung was decided to postpone the release of Galaxy Fold to improve product integrity. The release date will be announced in a few weeks. Read more...

April 04, 2019

What is NFC? NFC Technology You Need to Know
NFC is something you may hear mentioned with regard to smartphones, but do you know what NFC stands for or what it NFC means for your phone in particular? In this article, we would like to introduce how to use NFC Read more...

March 15, 2019

USB4 is Going to Revolutionize the USB Standard, Type-c will be Even More Powerful
The USB promotion organization only recommends Type-C for interface types, the USB4 protocol will be developed with a transfer rate of up to 40 Gbps. Read more...

February 27, 2019

MediaTek vs Snapdragon: Which Processor Suits Your Values Better?
Whereas there are numerous smartphone chipset manufacturers out there, our post will be a death match pitting Qualcomm vs MediaTek. Read more...

February 22, 2019

MediaTek Complete the 5G Multimode Modem Chip Helio M70
Gilead Sciences Inc.'s 5G network simulation solution successfully demonstrates enhanced mobile broadband applications using MediaTek Helio M70. Read more...

January 24, 2019

Giving Up or Persistence Qualcomm? There is Forks in the Road!
According to reports, Apple's supply chain executives said in a trial of Qualcomm's antitrust case that Apple is considering that the iPhone in 2019 will use 5G modem chips from Read more...

January 15, 2019

iPhone XR Price Underselling, What the Reason for Such Promotions Are?
Recently, Japanese media reported that Apple has reached a subsidy agreement with operators in the Japanese market. This article analyzed what caused iPhone XR sales are not as expected as to be hot? Read more...

January 09, 2019

Will A Full-Blown 5G Era Arrive Quickly?
As global telecom carriers race to embrace the fifth generation of mobile telecom services known as 5G, some experts urge patience for what’s seen as a pivotal development for a new industrial revolution. Read more...

January 04, 2019

Compare Itel VS Nokia Feature Phone Market Globally
Smartphones will soon be saturated, but feature phones are surprisingly well done and are expected to grow in developing countries in the future. In contrast with the global smartphone market Read more...

December 25, 2018

MediaTek Helio P90 Explained - AI Powerhouse
Helio P90 will be available soon. MediaTek uses the words "powerful performance, top energy efficiency, groundbreaking AI" to describe this latest processor. Read more...

November 19, 2018

4G Feature Phone Has Become a New Growth Point in the Indian Mobile Phone Market
The Indian market is the fastest growing smartphone market outside of China. According to the statistics of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the number of mobile users in India has exceeded 1 billion in 2015 Read more...

December 03, 2018

TRANSSION: A Domestic Mobile Phone Brand that Takes an Unusual Path
Nowadays, domestic smartphone manufacturers, in addition to the brand's main market, are also actively expanding into overseas markets, such as domestic manufacturers like Huawei and Millet. Read more...

November 21, 2018

Qualcomm 670 Geekbench Parameter Exposure, Is the Performance Beyond Qualcomm 821?
The Snapdragon 660 has excellent power performance last year while controlling power consumption. Recently Qualcomm has heard the news of its next-generation processor, the Snapdragon 670. Today, Read more...

November 07, 2018

Comparison of Signal Quality Between Millet MIX3 and iPhone XS Max
For a smartphone, the best reception sensitivity is required. We compared the signal quality of Millet MIX3 and iPhone XS MAX in the same environment and the same 4G network, and learnt that Read more...

October 10, 2018

Why Does the Phone Battery Capacity Begin to Decay after Use One Year?
What is the cause of high-end smartphones or cell phones with large battery capacity will start to appear insufficient power after use one or two years? Read more...

12 September, 2018

MediaTek Aims to Transcend iPhone via Use 3D Facial Recognition
Mediatek has partnered with Himax for building the hardware and Vision Technology Face 3D for creating the software supporting 3D facial recognition on affordable devices. Read more...

August 14, 2018

What is Best Processor in Smartphone
Which brand is making the best processors? Check out this list, along with some parameters required to build & design. Also provided are Antutu performance scores on both single-core & multi-core. Read more...

August 07, 2018

Tech FAQ: Who will be More Prevail When RAM VS ROM
What do RAM and ROM do for phones? What is the difference between RAM and ROM? And how much do you actually need? There are some suggestion about RAM and ROM for the consumer. Read more...

June 06, 2018

Google Pixel Series New Phone Exposure: Equipped with Snapdragon 710
Snapdragon 710 is Qualcomm just released midrange chip, it is based on the 10nm LPP process to build and CPU frequency is 2.2GHz. Read more...

May 31, 2018

Will the iPhone Use Three Cameras in the Future?
As we all know, every year Apple will release new phones. At the beginning of this year, there were many speculations about iPhoneXplus and iPhoneSE. Read more...

May 23, 2018

Chinese Phone Brands Speed up the Development of the European Market
The technological content of smart phone growth being trusted by European consumers and gradually opening up the market in Europe. Read more...

May 15, 2018

Mobile Phones Gradually Become a New "TV" for Indians
Online video consumption has grown significantly in India due to the fact that Indian Prime Minister Modi’s strategy of “Digital India” has been vigorously promoted since its inception. Read more...

April 26, 2018

Do You Believe that These Common Cell Phone Rumors?
Although mobile phone radiation will not cause cancer, there are still some conclusions about mobile phones are certainly wrong. Let’s take a look at these rumors about mobile phones and see would you believe it? Read more...

April 18, 2018

Why iPhone X without Innovative as a Product of the Apple Revolution
Millet and Huawei provided new phones one after another. They are still bezel-less and has been updated but we not feel that they are so innovative. Read more...

April 12, 2018

Most Valuable Brand: Google was Overtaken by Amazon and Huawei on the list
"2018 the world's most valuable brands", including Asia's Alibaba which on list of most valuable companies in China, and Huawei in the world's top ten List. Read more...

March 27, 2018

Does the Phone Need to be Turned Off Once a Day? Then it Dawned
Mobile phones needs a rest is still a blessing that many people believe in when using mobile phones, but it is not entirely correct in the strict sense. Read more...

March 06, 2020

Difference: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 vs 835
We have already analyzed Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Specs. This time we make a chipset comparison with the previous generation of snapdragon 835 processor. Read more...

March 08, 2018

International Expansion Further, Millet as soon as the end of this year into the US Mobile Phone Market
Millet expansion in other Asian countries and the European market, and now there is news that millet mobile phone next target will be the U.S. market. Read more...

February 27, 2018

2017 The World Top Five Best-selling Smartphone Brands: Three Chinese Manufacturers on the List
Global smartphone sales shrank 5.6% in Q4 2017 - the first year of decline since Gartner began tracking in 2004. What cause the phone to swoon? Read more...

February 14, 2018

Smartphone in China Shipments Slipped Dropped For the First Time in 2017
The growth trend of Chinese smartphone market stagnation in 2017 mobile phone china brand shipments for the first time fell. Read more...

February 09, 2018

Does Power Bank Really Hurt Cell Phone Battery?
A number of users feel that using power bank to charge the phone will damage battery, and someone feel their cell phone battery is not durable after used power bank. And why was this? Read more...

February 02, 2018

Is Your Bluetooth Headset Qualified after Cancel Headphone Jack?
Since Apple cancel the headphone jack this extremely anti-human design, other Android vendors into a follow-up trend. What's your opinion about it? Read more...

January 26, 2018

Samsung S9 series passed 3C certification: QC 2.0 charging standard
As we draw closer to Samsung's unveiling of the Galaxy S9 next month we're hearing sundries rumors about the features coming to the phone. Read more...

January 15, 2018

In-depth Analysis of 2017 Global Smart Phone Market
Nowadays the competition in the global smart phone market has been very fierce. The achievements made by the domestic mobile phone manufacturers have been impressive. Read more...

January 03, 2018

What is the Real Relationship between Apple Inc and Samsung?
As we all know, Apple Inc and Samsung are "naked" competitors, but also have a very close cooperation with each other. Read more...

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