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T2S Translation Earbuds supports online translation in 40 languages. Instant translation, multiple languages, switch at any time.

How much is it?


Translating Headphones

Glad to cooperate with you.

Радвам се да си сътруднича с вас.

Earphone Translator

How far is the hotel nearby?

A que distância fica o hotel próximo?

Translate Earbuds

Translation earplugs can provide instant translation services for overseas travel, business negotiation and other scenarios.


For Android and IOS users, please go to their respective APP stores to download the software APP. After connecting with the Bluetooth headset, you can get the right to use the translation package in 40 languages for free for one year.

Pilot Earbuds


We have paid for the use of 40 languages for one year for customers. After one year, customers need to upgrade the software at their own expense 30RMB to continue these 40 languages, otherwise, they can only translate between Chinese and English.                Payment is done independently by the user on the software side and is easy to operate.

Product number:


Power input:

5.0+0.25V / 1A

Product name:

Translating Earbuds

Power output:

5.0+0.25V / 30mAh

Bluetooth version:

Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth protocol:


Operating hours:

3-4 hours

Charging time

1 hour

Operating temperature:


Battery capacity:

3.7V / 30mAh

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