Folding Phone
FlexPai = Smartphone + Tablet

FlexPai is the first consumer-grade foldable flexible screen phone in the true sense.It adopts the second-generation screen, which can bend freely from 0° to 180°. Say goodbye to fixed surfaces and completely subvert your perception of traditional mobile phones.

You can easily plug the 7.8-inch screen into the pocket, and from then on, the big screen and the portable one.

Say goodbye to broken screens

Are you still worried about broken screens?

The FlexPai uses the world's second generation of Flexible Screen, light as a hair, thin as a flap, but can withstand 200,000 + bends, and bid farewell to the broken screen, it also has a large color gamut, strong contrast, wide viewing angle and high resolution.

Samsung Foldable Phone
Strong performance - Qualcomm Snapdragon 855

Compared with the previous generation platform, up to 45% CPU performance improvement and 20% GPU performance improvement, the new 7nm process technology, the industry-leading fourth-generation AI artificial intelligence engine, can support 5G new mobile platform after expansion. Excellent audio and video, gaming experience and long battery life.

Foldable Smartphone
New process for 3D design

The new optical coating process makes the body more translucent and smooth, emitting mysterious.

Samsung Folding Phone
Folding Smartphone
20MP + 16MP Double Cameras

FlexPai's unique folding mode makes the phone. No longer rely on the stacking of cameras, it is simple, there is no need to distinguish between proactive and late shooting, anyway, it is wonderful.

Innovative interaction to meet visual effects

The unique Water OS, which changes with the FlexPai soft form, smoothly transitions between different interactive interfaces. Bring you 4:3, 16:9 and 18:9 different visual effects, you can switch at will.

Foldable Phones
Innovative side screen notification

In the bent state, FlexPai will display a side curved screen, regardless of the screen or bright screen can receive and display all kinds of notifications such as calls, messages, emails, etc. at the same time.

Folding Phones
More Scenes, New Experience
Fold Phone

Easy office

Mail, attachments and PPT are easy to drag and the presentation is more convenient

Flexible Phone

Happy Game

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 bring a new gaming experience

Foldable Phone Samsung

Big Screen Viewing

Enjoy your travel time anytime, anywhere

Bendable Phone

Put the folded phone in the pocket

Samsung Foldable Phone Release

Multi-window on the same screen

Samsung Folding Phone 2019

Third screen exclusive reminder

Galaxy Foldable Phone

Single-sided photo, double-sided presentation

Enterprise Honor

ISO Certificate

ISO Certificate

Certification Type:ISO 9001:2008

RoHS Certificate

RoHS Certificate

Certification Type:RoHS Mark

CE Certificate

CE Certificate

Certification CE Mark

FCC Certificate

FCC Certificate

Certification FCC Mark

ANATEL Certificate

ANATEL Certificate

Certification ANATEL Mark

MSDS UN38.3 Certificate

MSDS UN38.3 Certificate

Certification UN38.3 Mark

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