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How Does A Gimbal Work
Special Material, Durable and Lightweight

S5 adopts polymer composite material and ergonomic structure design. While ensuring structural rigidity, its shock resistance and functionality are perfectly reflected.

3 Axis Gimbal
What Is A Gimbal
Time-lapse Photography, Multiple Filters

S5 Gimbal built-in time-lapse photography and multiple filters, shooting mode function switching and other functions, you can easily play a variety of cool camera, become a director in seconds.

How Gimbal Works
Face Recognition, Object Lock Tracking

S5 Gimbal not only supports face tracking, but also supports more complex object target tracking, pinpointing targets accurately and freeing hands.

Voltage Regulator Stabilizer

Through the panoramic shooting function in the APP, S5 Gimbal can automatically stitch the photos taken into a panoramic photo through cooperation with the software.

What Is A 3 Axis Gimbal
How Do Gimbals Work
Free Switching
Harness the Moment
Two-way Power Supply, Worry-free Battery Life


How Do Camera Stabilizers Work

3 Axis Gimbal Stabilization

Gimbal Definition
Keys Function:

AJoystick Buttons: Controls the movement of the S5 Gimbal arm, and can adjust the running speed through the unique APP function.

BON / OFF: Press and hold to switch on or off; double-tap to switch the front and rear cameras; triple-tap to switch the camera function and camera function.

CMode Buttons: Mode switch key.

Three Axis Gimble
S5 Gimbal Product List

1S5 Gimbal host

2Packing box

3Charging cable


5Anti-fall Lanyard

3-axis Gimbal
Speak For Your Beauty
  • Pitch(Tilt) Angle325°
  • Roll Angle160°
  • Panning Angle330°
  • PayloadSmartPhone max size 6 inch, 250g
  • Controllable Pitch Angle+155°/-155°
  • Controllable Roll Angle+30°/-30°
  • Controllable Pan Angle+155°/-155°
  • Load weight75~250g
  • Battery capacity10-12 hours

Enterprise Honor

ISO Certificate

ISO Certificate

Certification Type:ISO 9001:2008

RoHS Certificate

RoHS Certificate

Certification Type: RoHS Mark

CE Certificate

CE Certificate

Certification CE Mark

FCC Certificate

FCC Certificate

Certification FCC Mark

ANATEL Certificate

ANATEL Certificate

Certification ANATEL Mark

MSDS UN38.3 Certificate

MSDS UN38.3 Certificate

Certification UN38.3 Mark

  • Q1: Why choose us?

    : We have over a decade experiences on electronics and we have our designer and QC team, so that we can fulfill your most demand in styles and quality.

  • Q2: Can I order a sample for testing before quantity order?

    : Yes, sure. Our company accepts sample order before a large order. As normal. We have some samples in stock of each model. so we will send the sample order within 5 workdays.

  • Q3: Will you provide a free sample before order?

    : Generally speaking, for the new customers you should pay for the sample first. To show our sincerity, the cost will be deducted in your real order.

  • Q4: Is ODM/OEM service available?

    : Yes, we offer ODM/OEM according to clients' requirements, like a logo on device, start-up screen, customized package, Apps pre-install, etc.

  • Q5: How long is your warranty period?

    : We offer 1-year warranty for phones. If items are faulty for non-artificial reasons within one year (from the date of arrival), customers can send them back for free repair.

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