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There is a big problem in front of all small/medium mobile phone brands and companies: they only would like to place a small quantity order with their own brands personality in batches but just find that most ODM manufacturers won't meet their needs. This problem can be resolved now on Neway platform, which integratess all the companies' order information and unify an order to the OEM factories for production, In this way, Neway does not only improve the efficiency of OEM manufacturers and factories, but it also offers an excellent service for small/medium mobile phone brands and companies.

As the biggest OEM/ODM mobile phone platform, Neway integrates the phone business resource for both companies that need to find and OEM factory and OEM manufacturers that want to cooperate with foreign brands or operators. On Neway, customers could place an OEM order that contains a lower number of quantity, 3000 mobile phones for example, and don't need to care about the mobile phone manufacturers' minimum order quantity requirement; on the other side, the mobile phone OEM manufacturers don't need to focus on the clients' order quantity, what they need to do is to make cellphones based on their own production capacity.

High-speed for Customers

High-speed ODM Service for Customers

Delivery Time

70 workdays, including:

45 workdays (from Project approval, research and development,to the first time spending sample)

Golden Sample (depends on the customer's customization requirements of hardware and software and the confirmation speed)

25 workdays (from placing an order, mass production to delivery date)

R&D Charge: $20,000 USD~$300,000 USDs

Research & Development

To customized your selected mobile phone parameters, there will be research & development charge that is $20,000. You need to pay 30% deposit when confirming sample and placing an order, the R&D charge will be charged as payment for mobile phones of 70% balance.

Note: The R&D charge would not be returned if your selected parameter scheme has stated project approval and research & development, but have not placed the order for batch production.


Minimum Order Quantity

The MOQ is 3,000 pcs since the mobile phone industy cost accounting and time cost require that the base MOQ of first order is 3,000 PCs, otherwise the cost will increase and delivery time will extend.

Prepare First Sample:≥45 workdays

Based on the complexity of your selected parameter scheme, it requires about 45 days for a handset from project approval, structure and hardware design, making sample and finally handset tests including hardware and customized software test, to the first sending sample. It might take longer time if your scheme requires changes or repeated tests happen during the preparing first sample process.


Neway, is the right person of white label. We are professional manufacturer in OEM & ODM for mobile phone. And we have our designer and QC team, so, we can fulfill your most demand in styles and quality.

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