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James Chan

CEOHe has many years of experience in mobile industry and is responsible for the overall art production of Neway.

Gary Cheung

Product ManagerHe has been the brand general manager for 10 years. He uses his extensive experience to develop innovative ideas.

Geoff Hwang

Chief EngineerGeoff was the chief engineer on Neway and was often called upon to perform some sort of engineering miracle.

Rose Tsang

Sales ManagerHer rich experience as a curator is very beneficial to understanding the needs of ODM & OEM customized clients.

Emma Lee

Sales ManagerShe has a wide range of responsibilities and is primarily responsible for serving our clients in the UK.

Carrie Tsai

Sales ManagerThis professionally trained specialist helps companies manage their sales and project management departments. [email protected]

Neway, is the right person of white label. We are professional manufacturer in OEM & ODM for mobile phone. And we have our designer and QC team, so, we can fulfill your most demand in styles and quality.

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