Does The Phone Charging Speed Depend on The USB Socket or Data Cable?

Does The Phone Charging Speed Depend on The USB Socket or Data Cable?


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Does The Phone Charging Speed Depend on The USB Socket or Data Cable?

Carrie Tsai May 15, 2019

Does The Phone Charging Speed Depend on The USB Socket or Data Cable?

By Carrie Tsai,  Last Updated: May 15, 2019

We all know that the charging speed of phones is inextricably linked to the charger. The charger consists of a USB socket and a data line. Does the charging speed of the smartphone depend on the USB socket or the data cable? Only when this issue is clarified so that the charging speed of the mobile phone will not be slower than the original one due to the wrong selection.

Let me share the answer with you first. It has a relationship with USB socket as well as the data line. What kind of relationship is there? What shall we do when one of them is broken, we will give you a concrete explanation.

iPhone Fast Charger

What is the relationship between the charging speed and USB socket?

When charging a phone, the USB socket determines the magnitude of the voltage and current. The regular charging head is marked with a voltage and current output. For a very simple example, if your mobile phone supports 5V/2.4A, that is, 12W charging, if the charging head is broken, you can change the 5V/1A, that is, the 5W charging head to charge the mobile phone. The charging speed is natural. It will be slower than half.

Of course, most smart phone brands now carry fast charge, Huawei's FCP fast charge and SCP super fast charge, charging speed can be as high as 22.5W or even 40W. In addition, there are QC3.0 fast charge supported by Millet, AFC fast charge supported by Samsung and so on. Therefore, if you want to replace the charging head, it depends on whether the charging head is compatible with the fast charging protocol of the mobile phone, so as to achieve the fastest charging speed.

Fast Charger VS 5W Charger

Why does the data line also affect the charging speed?

The data line is responsible for connecting the mobile phone and the charging head, and is mainly responsible for current transmission, so it is inevitable that it will affect the charging speed.

For example, the power of a phone is equivalent to a bucket, the charging head is a faucet, and the data line is a water pipe. To fully charge the mobile phone is equivalent to filling the bucket with water. Since the charging head cannot directly connect to the mobile phone, it needs to connect the mobile phone through the data cable. Therefore, the charging speed is not only related to the charging head but also the faucet. Data line The length of this water pipe, etc.

Fast Charger Cable

At present, the line of Micro usb interface on the market can generally transmit 2A, but there are some charging lines without signal core. It can only be charged and cannot transmit data. The current supported for transmission is only 500mA. Please pay attention when selecting.

The Type-C data line generally transmits 3A, which is basically versatile among brands. Only the data lines that support Huawei SCP fast charging are more special.

Huawei SCP fast charging data line supports the transmission current is 5A. Due to the different Type-C interface standards, charging 5G data lines that support Huawei SCP fast charging can not achieve fast charging effect. The same data cable of other brands is used to charge Huawei SCP-enabled mobile phones. The charging power of the SCP cannot be reached and only the charging power of the FCP can be reached.

Type-c Fast Charger Huawei

In addition, the length of the data line also has a certain impact on the charging speed, and the shorter the data line, the faster the charging speed will be. Generally, the standard data line of the mobile phone is 1 meter, but different usage scenarios can also match data lines of different lengths when selecting. For example, the charging treasure to charge the phone line, the suggestion can be shorter, not in the hands of the line is too long, the charging speed is also faster.

Of course, if you want to charge while you are lying in bed or on the sofa while playing with your mobile phone, this time is more leisurely. You don't need to think too much about the charging time. You can also use the 1.5 m or 2 m data cable, which is long enough to be convenient.

Length Of Data Cable

Finally, to sum up, the speed of the phone charging speed is actually the result of the complementary combination of the USB socket and the data line. Only when the charging head and the data line are selected correctly can the optimal charging speed be achieved.

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