Why is Your Phone Overheating So Quickly and How to Cool Down Fast

Why is Your Phone Overheating So Quickly and How to Cool Down Fast


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Why is Your Phone Overheating So Quickly and How to Cool Down Fast

Carrie Tsai September 09, 2019

Why is Your Phone Overheating So Quickly and How to Cool Down Fast

By Carrie Tsai,  Last Updated: September 09, 2019

It is a headache for many Android users their the phone is prone is prone to be overheated. In fact, it can pose great threat to phone. So it is necessary to find out the reason take some measures.

First of all, we should figure out the reasons behind the phone getting hot and there are multiple of them.

Why is My Phone Hot and The Solution

Sometimes your phone will be overheated and in most cases, Android operating system is to blame. In general, there are 8 reasons that should be taken into account.

Phone Getting Hot

1. Malicious software and viral

Malware and virus hidden in the background can increase burden on the system. How severe the impact that the virus will have depends on its purpose. If the virus is going to steal all the data from the smartphone, undoubtedly it will put great pressure on the phone.

To solve this, you had better download apps from trustworthy platform and have your phone scanned with some anti-virus software. Do not click on the unknown link or download some suspicious files. When coming across an unmanageable virus or malware, you can reset factory settings after backing up data.

2. Outdated operating system

If you are still using the smartphone with Andriod 4.4 KitKat system and now it is the dominance of Android 7.0 or 9.0. Your phone may overheat when running certain apps since they have been updated to match the latest operating system. Even though your old system is good, it is not smooth when running those apps.

Why Does My Phone Get Hot

3. Bad battery

A bad battery can also lead to overheating phone. If the battery has been used for a long time, you can consider replacing with a new one. If it is a removable one, you can take it out and check to make sure the battery is not expanding or bending.

4. Running multiple apps in the background

Our phone may have hundreds of apps installed but it may not be used more than 10. Some apps tend to run in the background without your knowledge and it won’t cause damage.

But if our phone have become hot, you should take some actions such as restarting. The point is developing good using habits, eliminating some unused apps and cleaning the trash regularly.

5. Watching streaming videos

Watching movies or streaming video will increase the speed of the processor. When you are playing videos with Wi-Fi connected and have many apps running in the background at the same time, your phone will definitely get hot. In this case, it is advisable to turn off the video and let your phone take a break.

6. Playing games

Those who are keen on playing games on the phone may have many games installed. As we all known, game have higher requirements for performance. That is also why many game developers will give configuration requirements and the performance of processor must meet certain standard in order to run games smoothly.

Why Is My Phone Overheating

So before downloading any games, you should check to see if your phone are able to handle.

7. Mobile phone cases

It is a point many people tend to ignore. After all , it will cost money and protect our phone. If your phone is overheated, try to remove the case since it may hinder the heat dissipation.

8. Direct sunlight

You should not let the sun shine directly to the phone. We may expose the phone under the sun such as when driving and you put it on the dashboard. Anyway, it is recommended not to expose your phone in the direct sunlight.

Why Is My Phone So Hot

The Impact of Overheating on the Phone

In addition to the reasons, you should also need to know the damage that the overheating can cause on the phone.

The long-term overheating will cause the internal parts of the mobile phone to heat up and the phone will restart and the continuing call will be hung up.

In addition, the long-lasting heat of phone may increase the heat of battery itself. If it is sealed, the battery will cause the internal air to expand, thus leading the battery to protrude outward even to explode.

Moreover, overheating can accelerate the aging process of the mobile phone and shorten the lifespan.

So we should not ignore the phenomenon of overheating, and cooling down your phone is a must.

How to Cool Down Your Phone

How to Cool Down a Overheating Phone

It is more effective to install some cooling down apps such as Cooler Master and Smart Cooler. When the temperature of the phone rises, you can turn on the app to help cool down. But it is suggested that you select those apps carefully, so as not to increase the burden on the phone.

The correct steps to cool down

1. Turn off the games, videos or some power-consuming apps you are running.

2. Remove the phone cases. Some silicone-made mobile pone cases will affect the cooling process. When the phone fail to cool down after some time, you can consider removing the case.

3. Put your phone on some objects that can easily dissipate such as floor, glass table, tile, wood and marble, all of which can shorten the cooling time.

Cool Down My Phone

We are increasingly relying on our smartphone since it seem to be the universal device we use for everything today. That is not bad, but when you depend so much on it, you need to be responsible for it. And that is why you should take overheating seriously and hopefully this article will serve as a helping hand.

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