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Three kinds of Customers Will Choose us

Cross-industry Transition Brands

Some brands or companies, who want a cross-industry transition into mobile phone business but know nothing about the phone industry and get into trouble on all sides, can get a full range of professional knowledge about mobile phone industry, such as phone industry chain, mobile phone components and so on. After getting a whole view of mobile phone business and Chinese local OEM manufacturer information, you can choose an OEM manufacturer for cooperation based on your own situation and resource.

Cross Industry Transition Brands

Local Mobile Phone Brands

Some local mobile phone brands or companies, which have certain reputation in the local phone market, don't want to give up their own brand to be a brand agent when the mobile phone market, especially smart phone market, is expanding. However, they will face the dual problems of meeting the local need and finding an appropriate OEM manufacturer when starting the smart phone business. But now, on Neway, we offer convenience to our customers, fixing the financial pressure problem, assuring the mobile phone quality and reducing negotiation costs, to help customers promote market channels on the right track in a faster pace.

Local Mobile Phone Brands

Well Known Mobile Phone Brands or Operators

Well known mobile phone brands or operators across the world, Sprint, Maxx, Fly and so on, can know the market information of Chiness mobile phone industry, as the Neway platform has gathered strongest and big integrators to be ready for providing OEM service for these are well known brands.

Well Known Mobile Phone Brands

They also Choose us

Neway Communication has developed partnership with mobile phone brands across the world, including brands of China, India, Bangladesh, Russia, Philippines, Pakistan, Austria and European area. Also, the company works with network carriers from America, Japan and more, such T-mobile, B-mobile. We're looking forward to meet more partners from countries and areas all around the world.


Neway, is the right person of white label. We are professional manufacturer in OEM & ODM for mobile phone. And we have our designer and QC team, so, we can fulfill your most demand in styles and quality.

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