Tips on How to Select A Good Data Cable for Your Mobile Phone

Tips on How to Select A Good Data Cable for Your Mobile Phone


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Tips on How to Select A Good Data Cable for Your Mobile Phone

Carrie Tsai January 07, 2020

Tips on How to Select A Good Data Cable for Your Mobile Phone

By Carrie Tsai,  Last Updated: January 07, 2020

Along with the popularity of mobile phones nowadays, the data cable for the mobile phone has been a kind of gadget that is of great importance and necessity. Every phone must be equipped with a matched data and charging cable for keeping the sustained phone use. While, in the current market, there isn't a unified standard brand of data cable for consumers. Conversely, there are a great number of branded phone data cables with uneven qualities, which makes it difficult for consumers to choose. After all, choosing one which is improper may do harm to your battery or your phone.

Then, what can be a good data cable? And in the saturated market, how to select a good mobile phone data cable? If you want to buy a new data cable for your phone but don't know how to choose the right one, you've come to the right place. This article is the solution which grants you the useful tips. Just read on.

Mobile Phone Data Cable

What Merits Make A Good Data Cable

Before choosing a good data cable, you must have a clear picture of what it is. Namely, you should keep in mind the merits and the advantages owned by a data cable which is good. Here are the merits:

* Fast and Efficient Charging

A qualified charging and data cable charges your phone battery faster. After all, the faster the charging speed, the more efficient the charging which attributes to better convenience and using experience for users.

* Fast and Efficient Data Transmission

In addition to battery charging, a data cable is also utilized to exchange or sync data with your smartphone. When it comes to a good data cable, it's unquestionable that it can give you faster data transmission speed.

* High Quality with Usability and Stability

Good build quality is also one of the virtues of a qualified data cable. It means that the data cable is equipped with good quality wires, USB and Micro USB connectors, which improves usability and stability.

* Longer Lifetime

A good data cable can be used significantly longer than a bad one. The higher the stability of a data cable, the longer the lifetime.

Fast Data Transfer

Now everything about a good data cable is clear. Nevertheless, how to select one? How to differentiate what kind of data cable can charge your phone and transfer data in a faster speed? How to select one which is of high build quality and has longer life? Here are the tips:

Take Notice of AWG Number on A Data Cable

Looking for AWG number on a charging and data cable is the most efficient approach to quickly identify if the cable is equipped with fast speed of charging and data transmission. Every charging and data cable has its AWG number printed on it. AWG, the abbreviation of American Wire Gauge, is a standardized wire gauge system which specifies the thickness of the internal wires that make up a charging and data cable. It has to do with the current charging capacity which determines the charging efficiency of a data cable. Here's how it works:

The Lower the AWG Number, the Faster the Charging Speed 

The Gauge number refers to the thickness of the wires of a data cable. The higher the Gauge, the thinner the wires. Conversely, the lower the Gauge, the thicker the wires. Thinner wires with higher AWG number means lower current charging capacity and in turn lower charging speed. Conversely, lower is the AWG, thicker are the wires. Thicker are the wires, higher is the current charging capacity and faster the charging speed.

This is because thicker and low-gauge wires are manifestly build with more materials and therefore can carry more current – charging will take shorter. Besides, thicker wires attribute to reducing electrical resistance, which also allows for faster charge.

Rule: Overall, for a data cable, the lower the AWG, the faster the charging speed. Choose a data cable on which there is a smaller AWG number.

Recommended AWG for Charging: Generally speaking, a standard data cable is 28 AWG capable of carrying 0.5A current. However, 28AWG charger cable is considered slow charging for high-end mobile phones. Thus, the recommended cable AWG for phones is 24AWG or less which handles up to 2A current or more.

One thing to notice is that the majority of data cables serve as both charging cables and data sync cables. Therefore, there will be gauge like 28/24AWG and 28/28AWG. Take 28/24AWG data cable as an example, it means that the data cable uses 28AWG wire for data transmission and 24AWG wire for charging. Similarly, the lower the AWG, the faster the data transmission of a data cable.

Recommended AWG Number for Charging & Data Sync Cables: 28/24AWG, 27/25AWG, 28/26AWG.


Take the Length of A Data Cable into Account

Whether a data cable is qualified or not is also affected by its length. While buying a data cable, try to select one which is long. This is because shorter cables have difficulty in reaching to your power outlet or computer USB port, which causes bad user experience. However, the length of a data cable also affects the charging efficiency. The longer the cable, the slower the charging speed. This is because longer data cable increases electrical resistance and thus causes current loss. That is, longer data cable will take more time to charge your phone. Therefore, it's advisable to choose a data cable that is comparatively long but isn' t too long. 1.5 metre is the standard length. Try to get one.

Long Data Cable

Check the Appearance of A Data Cable

While selecting a data cable, take notice of the appearance such as the surface, the material, the thickness as well as the connectors. The following are the merits that the appearance of a good data cable should have:

* Thicker internal wires which enhance charging capacity;

* The aluminum foil shield and metal woven mesh which ensures the stability.

* The surface is not smooth;

* The interface shell of the two ends connectors are injection molding and there is no welded joints;

* On the interface, there are thicker gold plating connectors which which improves stability and lifetime.

Thicker Gold Plating Interface

Select A Reliable Branded Data Cable

If at all possible, try to always look for and select a reliable branded data cable for your mobile phone. A branded data cable will cost more than an unbranded one but it's more reliable and qualified since it plays a role in increasing charging and data transfer speed, improving stability as well as increasing using lifetime. After all, a branded data cable is always embraced with thicker and higher-quality wires. Cheaper and unbranded one will have greater risks of damage to your battery or your phone.


Overall, while selecting a phone data cable, always remember that a good and qualified one must have the capacity to efficient charging, the high quality of usability and stability as well as long lifetime. Now, with the tips in mind, select the right data cable for your mobile phone and enjoy the benefits it give you. Hope you enjoy this guide.

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