How to Charge a Power Bank and What is the Precaution for Use

How to Charge a Power Bank and What is the Precaution for Use


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How to Charge a Power Bank and What is the Precaution for Use

Carrie Tsai August 21, 2019

How to Charge a Power Bank and What is the Precaution for Use

By Carrie Tsai,  Last Updated: August 21, 2019

Nowadays no one can live without a smartphone, so as its portable charger especially during a trip. Correct charging method can prolong its lifespan while the improper one may cause danger.

Though it is simple enough, we still need to introduce you the steps of charging power bank.


Check the LED light of the power bank to decide if there is need for charging. Most power bank have 4 LED light on one side. Even though it can be charged anytime, unnecessary charging will shorten the device’s lifespan.


Plug the power bank into the socket. Since every power bank is equipped with a USB cable and a plug, you should insert the large end of the USB cable into the plug while connecting the small one to the power bank.

How to Charge A Power Bank

You can also connect your power bank to your laptop or desktop computer. Just connect the small end to the power bank and the large one to the USB interface of the computer.


All you should do to wait for the completion of the charging.

It is not enough to know the basic steps of charging a power bank, you should also have the knowledge about the correct usage and maintenance of your portable charger in order to protect the device as well as yourself. So here are some useful power bank charger instructions.

Blackweb Charger

What should you DO when charging power bank

1. The correct way of charging to extend its lifespan

In the main, most device will remind you when there the remaining power is only 15% or 20%, urging you to charge in time rather than continuing to use until it has fully discharged.

The same applies to the power bank. When charging, there will be a part of the energy loss, which is emitted in the form of heat, probably leading to the overheat even the damage and explosion of the device. So you had better place your power bank and the phone in a well-ventilated areas to help it dissipate heat effectively.

2. For idle power bank

If your power bank is left unused for a long time, do you know how to maintain its function? The right way is to charge it once every 2 or 3 months. Since they are most composed of lithium battery, if the power is completely consumed, you will run the risk of never being able to charge it again.

How to Deal With Idle Power Bank

So please remember to refresh it when not been used for a period of time. It is also advisable to remain some empty capacity without being fully charged.

3.Use a charging cable of high-quality

The charging cable also plays an important role in the lifespan of the power bank. If the cable is of low-quality, which means the internal resistance is large, the efficiency of the charging process  will be affected due to the loss produced by itself. So try to use the original cable of the device.

If you are look for convenient carrying during a journey, a high-quality charging cable or adapter is a must so that the safety and efficiency can be ensured.

Things you should NOT DO when charging power bank

1. Do not playing while charging

When your power bank is charging and discharging at the same time, it is likely to be unable to make ends meet, thus shortening the battery life.

How to Charge My Charger Correctly

Moreover, even during the normal charging process the device can generate heat, not to mention charging while playing, which will likely to cause overheat and the circuit board will suffer from the high temperature. The function and performance can be greatly influenced, too.

2. Do not over-discharge

Both overcharging and over-discharging can be harmful to the cell. The best way is to charge when there is 80%-50% of the remaining power and its damage will be lighter compared with low electricity.

3. Do not have to follow the 12-hour principle

Lithium battery has no memory function since the power bank has been activated before going out of the factory.

The charging time is determined by the size of portable charger’s capacity and charging current. You don’t have to wait for 12 hours even it had been fully charged in less than 12 hours. Instead, you should unplug as long as the power is full.

Onn Portable Battery

4. Do not have mycharge contacted with some mental materials

When not in use, you should place it in a dry place and avoid the short-circuit caused by metal materials especially when it is put in pockets or bags. And please do not let some small metal objects enter the USB output port.

Besides the attention matters in this article, a number of users feel that using power bank to charge the phone will damage battery, and someone feel their cell phone battery is not durable after used power bank; others said that the phone often crashes and the like. Does Power Bank Really Hurt Cell Phone Battery? And why? If you have had the same confusion,  you're reading the right article: Does Power Bank Really Hurt Cell Phone Battery

With the help of the power bank, our life is becoming increasingly convenient and enjoyable. Though it seems to be a simple device we still need to take it seriously. Besides choosing a trustworthy brand, we should also bear in mind the correct use method and habits so that the charging process will be safer.

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