Cracked Smartphone Screens?And How to Fix A Broken Phone Screen

Cracked Smartphone Screens?And How to Fix A Broken Phone Screen


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Cracked Smartphone Screens?And How to Fix A Broken Phone Screen

Carrie Tsai July 24, 2019

Cracked Smartphone Screens?And How to Fix A Broken Phone Screen

By Carrie Tsai,  Last Updated: July 24, 2019

Cell phones play an important role in our daily life and the trend is the ever-increasing screen size. But when it is cracked, our hearts are broken. So this article will tell you how to deal with it.

The phone screen is becoming larger and larger and so is the risk of its being cracked. When  cracked phone screen happens, going to maintenance point may spring into our mind first.

The Broken Screen

However, some people may cheat you just because you do not have the knowledge of broken phone screen. Sometimes it is just the external screen is broken but they will lie that you should replace the entire screen in order to increase profit.

So it is necessary to learn relative knowledge of cracked screen and analyze the exact broken part since there are two different broken circumstances.

The composition of phone screen

Before that we should know the composition of phone screen, which is made up by three parts: external screen, touchscreen and inner screen.

The Composition of Phone Screen

The external screen, also called glass cover, has a smooth surface, with the feature of high hardness and anti-scratch ability. It’s production process is quiet complicated, which needs to be accomplished by polishing, hardening, ultrasonic cleaning and the like. And its main function is to protect the internal structure of the cell phone.

The touchscreen, as the name suggests, is used to touch. The typing and drawing are usually accomplished by it. Moreover, it can serve as an shield to fight off water, dust, oil and other impurities.

The inner screen is the innermost part, which is also called display screen or liquid crystal screen. It can display the screen and determine the color and image of a screen, thus affecting the user experience directly.

If it is the inner screen that is broken, obviously you should change the entire screen, while if it is the external one cracked, just change a new external screen can solve the problem and it will also avoid unnecessary expenditure.

The Broken External Screen

How to identify the broken part

So if you don’t want to waste money, it is necessary to pinpoint the cracked part. Here we will provide three methods to help you identify.

The first is the most simplest one, which relying on touching the screen. If you find that the touch is not sensitive in the broken part while the display can still function well, it means that only the external screen is broken but the inner one is still safe.

However, please note that once the damage occur on the external screen while there is no problem in inner screen, it is advisable that you replace the external screen with a new one as soon as possible.

Because the cracked external screen is equivalent to the direct exposure of the inner screen, leading to the potential damage to the internal part. The cracks on the external screen can also damage the internal screen.

The second way relates to checking the screen display. When the jumping screen, incomplete display, black and yellow marks occur on the screen, it can be reckoned that the liquid crystal is leaked.

The Liquid Crystal Is Leaked

If there exists a color block or watermark flickering, while the touch is normal, it means that the broken part is the inner screen while the external one is still ok. If you find that both display and touch can not work, unfortunately, you have no choice but to change the entire screen.

The Broken Inner Screen

The last method is quiet rare which involves checking by flashlight illumination. Since the external screen is light-transmissive, it can be easily exhibited if there is any crack in the exterior. When under the flashlight while there is difference between both inner and external screen crack, that means both external and internal screen are broken.

Phone Screen Under Flashlight

So the next time the screen is broken, you can resort to the method mentioned above to analyze which part is broken without being cheated.

Ways to prevent cracked screen

Though there is chance to save the screen, precaution is still a must such as developing a good habits of using mobile phone.

You should not toss or throw your phone randomly after using it, neither should you put it on the edge of the height when going to bed since chances are that it will drop. You can keep it from dropping by sticking a ring on the back of your phone.

Ring That Keep Phone from Dropping

Additionally, you can also buy broken screen insurance when purchasing a cell phone. Once you have you screen cracked within a certain period of time, the maintenance cost can be cut to a great extent, enjoying the genuine materials and superior maintenance service.

Phone Screen Insurance

Last but not least, attaching a protector to the device is also a good way of protection. Though a high-quality one can not completely prevent broken screen from happening, at least a layer of protection can avoid the expensive and delicate screen being exposed to the danger.

As long as doing precautions and using phone carefully, the risk of breaking the screen can remain minimal. Even though that really happens, the methods above can help you. But the good habit of using phone is the best way to fix it, isn’t it?

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