How to Connect Bluetooth Earbuds to Work with Your Phone

How to Connect Bluetooth Earbuds to Work with Your Phone


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How to Connect Bluetooth Earbuds to Work with Your Phone

Carrie Tsai August 14, 2019

How to Connect Bluetooth Earbuds to Work with Your Phone

By Carrie Tsai,  Last Updated: August 14, 2019

The Bluetooth earphone has freed our hand to do whatever we want. However, it may be depressing when Bluetooth paired but not connected to your phone. You may need this article to help you out.

Using Bluetooth Headset

Many people may not know how to connect their first-bought Bluetooth headset to the smartphone even they have read the instruction. Don’t worry, you will find the solution in the following part.

How to Connect Bluetooth Earphone

In most cases, if you want your Bluetooth headset to be in the pairing state, only to keep pressing the power button for about 10 seconds and the device will switch from power off mode to power on and then the pairing state will be activated.

You will know it by the long-lasting headphone indicator light. After that, search for Bluetooth Settings in your phone and then the device can be identified.

Bluetooth Does Not Connect

The factory settings of some headphones, however, are more complicated. In some cases, you need to power on the headset and then press “+” and “-” for 10 seconds or so. At that time, the indicator light will flash alternately red and blue so you can use mobile phone to search for the earphone.

While some may be little different, which should be pressed the power button and the “+” for about 10 seconds and the remaining steps are the same.

Wireless Bluetooth Headset

After your Bluetooth earphone has entered the pairing mode, turn on the Bluetooth on your phone and follow the normal step of using Bluetooth transmission. You will notice that “search for more device” will appear on your screen. After a while (about 5 seconds), you will find the Bluetooth headset model name in the interface.

For instance, the model N3 will appear as the name of N3. Then you will be noticed to input the password. Most password can be 0000 or 1234, but some can be specifically set by manufactures so you should find the details in the manual.

Bluetooth Headset Does Not Connect

When your phone has identified the device the the password has been input correctly, it doesn’t mean that you can use the Bluetooth earphone to answer calls.

Many mobile phone nowadays need to connect with the headset after identifying it. You can not answer phone without connecting to the headset in the Settings. Of course, there are still some mobile phones which do not require to connect. As long as the pairing is done, the phone will connect to the device automatically.

Connect Bluetooth Headphones

What to Do When Bluetooth Headset not Working

The failure of connection is normal and there are mainly three reasons behind this. The first reason is that your Bluetooth headset is not in the pairing mode. In this case, you can follow the methods mentioned above to activating the pairing mode successfully.

Bluetooth Not Working Android

Please note that when keeping pressing, only by turning on the Bluetooth in your phone at the same time can you find the corresponding name of the device.

Your Bluetooth earphone may have been connected with another mobile phone before so the pairing record is saved, which can also lead to the failure of connecting.

Bluetooth Not Connecting

The solution is that you need to discard the previous saved settings and re-pair them. Due to the settings of different Bluetooth varies, you should manipulate according to the relevant product manual.

Another reason lies in the incompatibility of your phone and Bluetooth headset. This can be reckoned as the problem of hardware. Consumers can not solve it themselves and it is advisable that we go to the retailer for exchanging.

Bluetooth Not Work With Android

Before making a purchasing, you had better read the product description carefully or pay attention to the compatible list and Bluetooth technology that both your phone and Bluetooth earphone can support.

There are other situations, in which the Bluetooth function of your phone or the headset is damaged. Or the Bluetooth signal can not be transmitted and received normally. In this case, you may have no choice but to resort to the maintenance point.

Bluetooth Headset Recommended

You may have been looking for a pair of Bluetooth headset with high performance and lower price. Well, this Wireless Headset I9S may meet your demand with its excellent audio transmission and strong compatibility.

Wireless Headset I9S

Moreover, it can automatically connect to the Bluetooth pairing when being taken out of the headset box, thus avoiding much trouble. And its special design can prolong the time of comfortable user experience.

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As an increasingly popular mobile digital terminal product, Bluetooth headset is always in the process of evolution, from technology development to the expansion of function.

So gaining some knowledge of this device is a must especially when problems emerge. Hopefully, this article can help you keep up with times and ease the burden of technological problems.

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