How Do You Cool Down an Overheated Phone?

How Do You Cool Down an Overheated Phone?


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How Do You Cool Down an Overheated Phone?

Carrie Tsai January 17, 2020

How Do You Cool Down an Overheated Phone?

By Carrie Tsai,  Last Updated: January 17, 2020

Do you feel uncomfortable when your phone is not near you? Nowadays mobile phone has been a necessity in our life. But sometimes you will find out the phone is overheating and seems like going to explore next second. Why is it?

Phone Heating

Phone overheating must be a familiar topic to you all, as spending hours on playing games or watching videos constantly for hours has been such a normal thing, plus they are so many apps keep running in the background unless you close it entirely.

Such circumstance may lead to bad ends like phones automatically shut down, bringing troubles especially when you are during some important calls or meetings, or even phone explosion.

Phone heating may related to some complicated reasons regarding phone performance. Here are some possible reasons that we might able to avoid, Let's see why phone overheating would appear and the suggestions about how to dealing with it.

Possible Cause : Simple Overuse

Solution: Set Rules For Yourself To Reduce Using Time

The constant use on the phone causes your phone battery work overtime, which raises your phone's temperature.

It’s understanding that people want to relax and have some private times after all-day long serious working, spending time on the phones seems a perfect choice. Playing games, watching movies or TV series, talking to your friend through apps ... all are so relaxing and enjoyable but would easily lead to excessive level.

To avoid overusing, you can set a tailor-made schedule for yourself as a reminder for yourself to follow, or finding an alternative to divert the attention. Such as: reading printing books for at least half an hour; spending time with friends or family in outdoor activities, or even going to bed earlier would also be a better choice.

How To Fix An Overheated Phone

Possible Cause : The Brightness Of Display Is Set Way Too High

Solution: Adjust Display Brightness Accords With Ambient Light Intensity

Your phone doesn’t need to be at its brightness all the time. Plus, it would hurt your eyes if it’s too sharp.

You can adjust it if your are indoors or when it’s night time, lowering down the brightness level of your phone so that your eyes are better protected and your smartphone device has more power and less chance to overheats.

If your are too lazy to adjust it by yourself, you are recommended to set night mode period and turn it on, and your smartphone will turn on the night shift once setting time begins.

Possible Cause : Intensive Camera Use

Solution: Find A Real Way To Convey Happiness

Continuous use of camera may bring bad effect to GPU and raise phone temperature up.

As sharing is such a welcoming way between friends, selfie or shooting video has been a “must” alternative when gathering or partying. Hence, people are inclined to taking photos over and over again and choosing only several pictures in social apps, neglecting the bad effect of intensive camera use.

From my point of view, If sharing joy and happiness is your objective, why not spend more time in face to face talk rather than through selfie? Maybe sometimes you can enjoy more without the “Like” on social apps.

Phone Heating May Be Threatening

As mentioned above, over charging are also related to phone heating, to which we should pay high attention. The kind of news that phone explosion causing face burned or life in danger due to over charging was never new to us, but, unfortunately, people would only worry or care for a few minutes and continue neglecting phone heating problem.

One major shortcoming of our human is fluke mind. People won’t really care or concern about the consequence until the tragedy really happened.

To preventing this bad effect, we have suggest something to help.

What Should We Do With Phone Heating?


First of all, regular maintenance is high recommended

Not mentioning battery problem as a possible cause though, I bet you have known well of the importance of battery. Intensive use of phone may bring bad effect on the power of battery, vice verse.

Regular maintenance is a suggested solution, like you can prune some application’s unwanted files or entirely close it up or delete it to release more battery capacity. Especially when noticing something’s abnormal about the battery, you might need to turn to professional maintenance personnel.

Secondly, set regulation for yourself

No matter you are talking about out of control online time or over charging problem, what we should do is be alerted.

There is no doubt that self-control is a lifetime issue, after all the virtual world phone created is really too attractive. Dealing with these attraction, we need regulation to restrict ourselves, like setting daily timetable for gaming, set alarm to remind charging time, and switch on application build-on automatic turn-off button,etc.

Caution is the parent of safety

It’s never too late to raise your safety awareness. Remember, accident means something out of the blue, which happens suddenly, and unexpectedly. Phone heating to us is like firefighter to fire, you should never rest as sure and let yourself be regretful when it really occurs. On the contrary, you should be smart and cautious, not risking your life and causing harm to yourself and others. You can simply start from reducing the time spend on phone and have a better sleep tonight.

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