How Can be Restored While Smartphones and Headsets Have Become Dirty?

How Can be Restored While Smartphones and Headsets Have Become Dirty?


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How Can be Restored While Smartphones and Headsets Have Become Dirty?

Carrie Tsai Setember 28, 2018

How Can be Restored While Smartphones and Headsets Have Become Dirty?

By Carrie Tsai,  Last Updated: Setember 28, 2018

Now there are more and more electronic products around us, unfortunately, they will become dirty after use for a long time, and it seems very embarrassing. Is there any way to make these electronics restored? Please check out the following tips:

Smartphone with Earphone


Headphones are often used by us to help solve many problems. For example, when you are depressed and don't want to bother others, you can via using headphones to listen music to solve.

However, it is inevitable after a long period of use that there will be a lot of smudges on the earphones. The smudge on the surface may be relatively easy to remove, but what about the dirt in some gaps? It is very difficult to remove.


You can easily solve it with some tools in fact, such as pin, toothpick or blue-butyl rubber. The pin can easily clean the dirt in the gap.

For example, butyl rubber is a pressure-sensitive adhesive material used to remove dust, hair and surface attachments, clean computer keyboards, etc. It can be used repeatedly for thousands of times, effective for several years, and will not dry out. Repeatedly rub the blue butyl rubber several times during use, then smash it in a smudged place and pull it out again. It will be effective several times.

Cleaning Earphones

Headphone Cable

The headphone cable is also very easy to get dirty. If it is white, it is more obvious, but it is difficult to clean with paper towels and cloth. Then try to wipe with an eraser, you will find that the stain will be wiped off soon.

Similarly, if other wires, such as charging cables and computer wires, can also try to use the eraser, the effect is also very good.

Earphone Cable

Handset and Speaker

The earpieces and are also very dusty. Over time, the dirt will affect the quality of the call. Since the earpiece and the speaker are recessed, it is difficult to touch, so you can also use blue butyl rubber to help clean up, H will have unexpected effects.

Handset of Smarphone

Phone Screen

As the "window" of the direct dialogue between the mobile phone and us, the phone screen is undoubtedly one of the most used parts, and it is in contact with the sweat on our fingers and cheeks every day. After a long period of time, it will naturally get a lot of smudges. Some people may not pay much attention to the smudges on the screen of the mobile phone. Just roll up the corners or rough paper towels, but it may scratch the screen.

Clean Smartphone Display

The correct way is to use a microfiber cloth with a special cleaning agent, spray a proper amount of detergent onto the fiber cloth, and then gently wipe the screen of the phone to avoid scratching the screen. Secondly, it can prevent the cleaning agent. Excessive intrusion into the fuselage and damage to components.

Clean Phone Screen


Boxes like phone cases and headphones will actually get dirty slowly, especially the white outer casing, which will gradually turn yellow, which will affect the appearance. Even if it is difficult to clean with a common rag, it is advisable to with a strong cleaning ability, a wipe with water, and a light wipe on the outer casing.

Clean Phone Case

All of the above are solutions that are taken after the electronic products become dirty. If you don't want the electronic products that you just bought to become dirty, then it is best to grab them from the source, such as using some storage bags. Packing up can extend the cleanliness of electronic products to a certain extent, and it can also make the products more orderly.

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