Sterilization Principle

Ultraviolet rays are divided into four bands, A, B, C, and D, and the C band is bactericidal. Among them, the ultraviolet sterilization ability around 253.7nm is the strongest.

The DNA or RNA of bacteria and other microorganisms can be destroyed in about 20 seconds, causing them to lose their ability to reproduce and survive.

Aquarium UV Sterilizer

Eyes should not look directly at the UV lamp during disinfection. Do not use the UV lamp to illuminate the human body and other animals.

Disinfection Rate

Long-term sterilization, giving you meticulous care Three deep ultraviolet UVC-LED lamp beads, the sterilization rate reaches 99%, worry-free and safer.


sterilization rate


Hs service life

UV Sterilizer Aquarium

Application Scenario

Mini Portable to pursue a healthy life, A must-have for many occasions

UV Sterilizer LightMasks
Pond UV SterilizerPersonal clothing
What Is a UV SterilizerMacloth sofa disinfectionsks
What Does A UV Sterilizer DoPlush toys
What Size UV Sterilizer Do I NeedToiletries
UltravioletSupermarket shopping carts
CasetifyBaby products
SterilizerCourier packages
Bottle SterilizerElevator buttons
Baby Bottle SterilizerMobile phone

How to Use

Best Bottle Sterilizer
Step 1:

Insert the UV sterilization instrument into the mobile phone charging interface

Step 2:

Scanning irradiation of items to be sterilized for sterilization

How to Use Avent Bottle Sterilizer

Outward Appearance

Easy to Carry

So small size that can be chained with keys and carry it with you

How to Sterilize Bottles

(please note: UV is invisible light, instead of not damaged)

Choose Your Interface and Color

LightningHow to Sterilize a Needle
Type CHow to Sterilize Canning Jars
Micro USBSterilization
What Are The 3 Types of SterilizationPurple
How To Sterilize Baby BottlesBlack

Enterprise Honor

ISO Certificate

ISO Certificate

Certification Type:ISO 9001:2008

RoHS Certificate

RoHS Certificate

Certification Type: RoHS Mark

CE Certificate

CE Certificate

Certification CE Mark

FCC Certificate

FCC Certificate

Certification FCC Mark

ANATEL Certificate

ANATEL Certificate

Certification ANATEL Mark

MSDS UN38.3 Certificate

MSDS UN38.3 Certificate

Certification UN38.3 Mark

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