TG8818H Medical Infrared Thermometer

Accurate to 0.1 °C, Display result in 1 sec

Easy Shuttle Temperature Measurement

Laser Thermometer

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2-100PCS $20.5 USD
100-200PCS $20 USD
200-2000PCS $19.8 USD
>2000PCS $19.5 USD
Infrared Thermometer Sensitive Probe
Infrared Thermometer Accuracy Easy Shuttle
IR Thermometer Real-time Ranging
Infra Red Laser Thermometer Silent Measurement
How Do Infrared Thermometers Work Available for Infants
Infrared Thermometers Accuracy Non-radiation

Accurate to 0.1 °C, Display result in 1 sec

At the position 3-5 cm away from the forehead of the person being measured, press the measurement button to complete the measurement

Infrared Thermometer Uses Laser Temperature How Do Laser Thermometers Work

Upgrade Dual-probe Temperature Measurement to Increase Accuracy Steadily

The result is displayed at the effective distance (3-5 cm). After exceeding the distance, the interface flashes and cannot be measured, which effectively prevents erroneous operation.

How Do Infrared Thermometer Work

Non-radiation Design, Available for Infants

The product is accurate and easy to use, focusing on children's health, and mother's temperature measurement is more assured.

Infared Thermometer How Does A Laser Thermometer Work Laser Thermometer Gun

32 Sets of Memory Values, Recall At Any TimeEasily grasp the temperature changes of the person being measured, and protect everyone's health and safety.

Thermometer Gun

Familiar with Buttons

Familiar with buttons, Simple to use

Heat Sensor Gun

Technical Paraments

measuring rangeBody:32~42.5.0°C(89.6~108.5°F
Surface: 0~60°C(32~140°F
Measuring time1~3second
Measuring distance3-5 CM
Display unitCentigrade(°C)/Fahrenheit(°F)
Error rangeWithin 35-42 °C ± 0.2 within 35-42 °C ± 0.3 °C
Display accuracy±0.2°C(0.2°F)
Memory data32 Sets
Backlight displaySupport
Power SupplyTwo AAA batteries
Display accuracy±0.2°C(0.2°F)
Automatic shutdown15 seconds
Product size151*97*44mm
Product weight101g(Battery free)
Operating environment10-40°C(50-104°F)Humidity less than 85%
What is an Infrared Thermometer

TG8818H Infrared Thermometer Packing

Infered Heat Gun TG8818H 151mm*97mm*44mm 101g
Infrared Gun Packing Box Size 106mm*51mm*171mm 146.5G
Laser Temperature Gun 50 pcs / carton Carton Size 550mm*270mm*373mm N.W.: 7.4kg G.W.: 8kg

Complete Qualifications, Can Be Exported All Over the World, Please Buy witah Confidence.

Laser Temperature Sensor
Lazer Thermometer
Digital Laser Thermometer
Infrared Heat Gun
Laser Temperature gauge
Most Accurate Infrared Thermometer
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