In addition to the standard smartphone, Neway makes special products for customers. We design and produce exactly what you need and you won’t find these customized products anywhere else on our catalogue. Designed according to customer specifications, these custom digital products mainly include smart watch, power bank, and wireless bluetooth headsets.

Preliminary Analysis

When you need Neway to design smartphone products for your special project(s) or application(s), our technical staff will make an analysis of feasibility while our purchase staff will check the cost.

Neway will let you know the cost and the drawing size based on your special application. If it is necessary to develop new molds, then the technical department, purchasing department, and the quality department will work together to evaluate the molds’ initial cost.


Design Drawing

The planning of the design will be finalized once you agree to the production cost. For each project, Neway will show you the responsibilities, deadlines, reviews, and other details. These details will be shared with you to ensure that each step is according to the plan.

If you want, you too can take part in the project. Our technical department will consider your new request to make the changes before the plan is confirmed.


Project Appraisal

This is the key stage. Depending on the project type, the review can be long or short. In this stage, Neway’s technical department, purchasing department, product department, and sales department will meet together often to discuss the points put across by you. These include:

Post this discussion, Neway will bring out a technical report including list of the molds mentioned, product outline drawing, working time arrangement, and so on.


Prototype Production

Once you confirm and validate the final design, Neway’s technical department will start the sample production. In this step, which is also the final step, you’ll get the sample that conforms to the design request and test it in your project.

When the testing is over and the sample works just the way you wanted it to, Neway will start on the production of the samples based on the quantity required and notifyyou about the delivery time for the next order production.

All the ODM products will belong to you, it sure will be unique. Neway promise only to manufacture them and sell them to you.            Contact Us:

Neway, is the right person of white label. We are professional manufacturer in OEM & ODM for mobile phone. And we have our designer and QC team, so, we can fulfill your most demand in styles and quality.

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