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NW 5 Smartphone

Most of our ODM products are covered by confidentiality agreement that do not allow us to discuss details publicly, however, what follows concerns a device that Neway developed and market under its own based on our customer's requirements. That product is called the NW 5 and it allows 5.5 inch, VoLTE, USB and BT.




Overall Goals

Hardware kill switches shall disable specific hardware components in a way that software can't enable these again. These must be present for:

  • radios
  • mobile modern
  • WIFI
  • BT
  • GNSS(GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou etc.)
  • Microphone(s)
  • Camera(s)
  • GNSS separated from mobile baseband and main CPU
  • hardware secure element


Display5"~5.5", IPS TFT or AMOLED, Resolution >= 720p
Main CPUNXPi. MX8M Quad
RAMPreferred 4GB
2 CamerasRear good quality, >= 5M pixel, Front moderate quality, >= 1M pixel good performance with limited light
Fixed focus3.5mm headphone and microphone jack microphone(s)
Speaker(s)Handset Speaker (HS), speaker for ring tone, sinaling, free speaking
IndicatorsRGB color LED, front facing, vibration motor
WiFi 802.11802.11a+n, 802.11ac preferred
Use CaseIncoming VoIP call, e-mail or instant message
Design Purism custom M.2 CardM.2 card based on Redpine Signal RS9116
Blutooth>= Bluetooth 4.0, Blutooth Smart / LE compatible
USB Type-Cfull USB-C, host + client, need to register Purism USB VID
Battery> 3,000mAh

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